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A handle was left at the 3D Champs campsite. 

If it's yours please contact Tony Burt, Field Officer.

20 Jun '18

NFAS Shop Stock Availability and a Plea for Help

Please note that the NFAS shop selling branded items to members is now temporarily being managed by the treasurer Paul Harding. This is because Tony Burt has been and will be very busy organising the Nationals (and the 3Ds) and it was considered to be unfair to expect him to run the shop as well.

Details of the stock available together with the prices and how to place an order are available here: Stock & Order Form (and on our shop page).

We now need someone who can take on this responsibility. If anyone feels they can help, please contact any member of the committee.

Please note that until someone takes on this task, we are unable to offer for sale NFAS branded items of clothing. The new supplies officer will be asked to source suppliers of clothing and to establish and manage the procedure for placing and fulfilling orders.

Paul Harding 13 Jun '18

Photos from this year's 3D Champs are now available.

7 Jun '18

The May/Jun newsletter is now available in the Members Only section.

Entries are now open for the National Champs. You can apply online or you can download the entry form and apply by post. Entries close on 1st September.

24 May '18

3D champs results now available.

29 May '18

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