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Pennington Archers Open Shoot on April 22nd is fully booked.

Kath Smith 16 Apr '18

Lyme Valley shoot on the 29th April has been cancelled.

Jane Hunt 2 Apr '18

The Mar/Apr newsletter is now available in the Members Only section.

Entries are now open for the 3D Champs. You can apply online or you can download the entry form and apply by post. Entries close on 4th May.

23 Mar '18

A holiday cottage on the Flete Estate is available during the 3D Champs. Mothecombe Garden Cottage can accommodate up to six guests (no dogs are permitted). If anyone would like to rent this adorable cottage, the cost for the week would be 1630.

Please contact for further information.

Lesley Dennison, Flete Estate 23 Feb '18

All the proposals that were voted on recently have been accepted. These changes come in to force on 1st April 2018. This includes the new bow class:

Traditional Bowhunter
A bow of any draw-weight, but not a compound bow or crossbow, may be used. The bow may be of one-piece construction, or a 2 or 3-piece takedown. The Arrow must be shot from the bow shelf or hand, no sight, rest, or button of any description can be used. Only one nocking position is permitted (which may be indicated by nocking points both above and below the arrow). No other knots or attachments in addition to the string serving (excluding silencers), that could be used for sighting or location purposes, are allowed. One anchor point must be maintained throughout the shoot with the index finger on the nock, be it split finger or 3 under or thumb loose. Face walking and string walking are not permitted.
No draw-checks of any kind are permitted. No internal or external stabilisers are allowed (this does not include bow quivers that attach to the side of the riser, be it by bolts or limb grippers). No form of release aid is permitted. No deliberate marks can be added to the bow or arrow that can be used for aiming. Arrows shafts must be of non-wooden and non-bamboo materials, fletched with natural feather.
The handle may incorporate a cut-away of any depth to provide an arrow-shelf. The shelf, and where the shelf meets the inside of the sight window, may have a protective cover, for example, felt, fur, feather etc. Olympic recurves that have been altered to shoot from the shelf are permitted, but all attachments such as clicker screws and additional bolts/screws that are not required MUST be removed.

23 Mar '18

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