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High Cross shoot on 10th March is a friendly. It is a double round of 16 targets (3Ds & faces). We double peg it so you have a different shot the second time around at a different target but using almost the same shot window. We are limited to 64 archers, pay on the day. 24 booked so far. I hope to publish the results later on in the newsletter.

Angus Geddes 11 Dec '18

Regent Archers have shoot in January! Unfortunately it was missed out of the last newsletter (apologies). 6th January - 36 3Ds and Hessian Faces, Catering.

27 Nov '18

The Nov/Dec newsletter is now available in the Members Only section.

21 Nov '18

Membership Update

We will be closing the Membership Database on 9th December 2018 to allow us time to update it for the new year. It will be open again on 2nd January 2019 for you to renew for 2019/2020.

Many Thanks

Paul & Juliet

20 Nov '18

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