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Society News

The NFAS and Government Advice for COVID-19

Dear Clubs and Members

We all find ourselves in unprecedented times and today the NFAS Committee held a meeting by video conference call. The Committee's advice regarding our sport and, for many of us, our passion, is as follows:

As you already know the NFAS has cancelled the 3D Championships in May and many clubs have already cancelled their open shoots. We would like ALL clubs who have shoots booked in April and May to follow this lead and cancel your competitions. Please contact me (Lewis Chuck) so that I can post it on the NFAS website.

The second recommendation from your Committee is that members should follow Government advice and stay at home and not make unnecessary journeys. This means that you should decide if it really is necessary for you to travel to your club ground to practice, even if you are travelling alone or in a family group. You may have an accident or breakdown which would put yourself and others at an unnecessary risk.

If you do ignore Government advice your NFAS insurance will NOT be valid!

It is very hard for all of us, but particularly field archers who by their nature love the outdoors however we must all play our part in stopping the spread of this pandemic. My family personally knows of someone who is on a ventilator and fighting for his life in the Royal Derby Hospital. Let’s all be responsible and play our part.

Lewis Chuck, NFAS Shoot Dates Organiser 28 Mar '20

Membership Renewal reminder

If you haven't renewed your membership yet this year your current membership expired on March 31st.  Renewing online only takes a few minutes.


NFAS Webby yesterday

3D Champs refunds - update

I have completed the refund process for all payments made for the 3Ds online – shoot fees, camping and patches.

All payments will be automatically credited to the accounts from which the payments were made.

I’m not sure how long it takes Worldpay to process the refunds and credit your accounts but it is likely to be several days.

If any of you have questions about the refunds, please contact me – contact details are in the Newsletter. For me to identify the payment / refund it is essential that I know the name of the card holder – which is not necessarily the name of the member / competitor. The date the original payment was made and the unique order number would also be useful.

Paul Harding, NFAS Treasurer 26 Mar '20

Insurance Information

The insurance company has replied regarding the current COVID-19 crisis.

The Government is making daily statements and the insurance company’s advice is that, providing the NFAS (as an association) and its members are not ignoring the advice provided by the Government, then the policy will continue to operate. Until such time as a full ban is imposed and the country goes into lockdown, the policy will continue to operate in the usual way.

This is an evolving pandemic that is escalating very quickly and as such it is important that members follow Government advice including (but not limited to) social distancing, social gatherings and travel. The Government is currently suggesting keeping social gatherings to a minimum and that we all follow social distancing measures to reduce social interaction. Due to this, the Committee recommends that shoots and gatherings are cancelled until Government advice suggests otherwise.

NFAS Committee 21 Mar '20


Dear NFAS community

With the lack of shooting opportunities facing us over the next few months I want to try and connect us with our wonderful sport. If you have any shoot reports which have not been submitted, articles you always thought to write and never had the time - please give it a go. I would also like any photographs which connect us to our NFAS family past and present. When the newsletter is next out in May we can at least draw some comfort from the community and remind ourselves that it will come to an end and we can get out and shoot again.

Richard Beal, Newsletter Editor 25 Mar '20

Cancelled 3D Champs – Refunds

As a result of the cancellation of the 3D Championships this year, the NFAS will naturally refund all money received for entry, camping and patches.

The arrangements will be:

Postal Applications:
Lynne has not banked any of the cheques received and so she will simply shred them. Generally, there will be no need for us to contact you.

On Line Applications:
Our payment system is administered by Worldpay and I have full details of all payments made. I will be refunding all payments by direct transfer back to your account. This will be done without any further paperwork – you will merely note a credit from Worldpay.
I will be maintaining refund confirmations in case there are any queries but unless specifically requested I will not be sending these out.
There is always a time lag of 3 or 4 days between requesting a payment and for that payment to reach the recipient’s account.
I have over 150 payments to refund which will take me a few of days so, hopefully, you should all receive refunds within about one week. I am anxious to have the exercise complete before the end of March (the accountants amongst you will appreciate why!)

If any of you have any queries, please contact me. My contact details can be found in the Newsletter and on the website.

Paul Harding, NFAS Treasurer 21 Mar '20

Nationals and 3D Champs

Disappointing as it was to have to cancel the 3Ds this year, we thought you all needed some happy news so here it is - we are still planning the Nationals which we hope to hold near Hartlepool. We already have two teams working hard on your behalf sorting out the details with the landowner and it looks a fantastic site.

The hope is to hold the 3Ds next year at Bisterne Manor. It just makes sense to look at holding it there again as so much planning has already been done. We would like to thank those teams who have put in so much time and effort.

NFAS Committee 21 Mar '20

3D Champs

Dear Members

The coronavirus issue is impacting across all our daily lives and the situation is developing each day. Acting in accordance with Government advice and guidelines we regret to announce that this year's 3D Championships have been cancelled.

All entry and camping fees will be refunded.

We apologise for any inconvenience, but we are sure you can all appreciate the gravity of the situation and the very unusual circumstances.

To individual clubs, we ask you to follow Government advice/guidelines, taking all measures that are needed.

Thank you for your co-operation and understanding.

NFAS Committee

17 Mar '20

Coronavirus Covid-19

16/03/20 update
The recent announcement from the Government now asks to stop all non-essential contact with others and to stop all unnecessary travel. We all love our archery, but it cannot really be classed as 'essential'. Please think about others - just because we may not display symptoms does not mean we are not carriers to those that are vulnerable.It is up to individuals and clubs to make their own decisions on how they will proceed.

The NFAS recommends that Clubs and individuals keep up to date with guidelines from a reliable source, such as the NHS or Government sites (links below), regarding Coronavirus Covid-19. Currently there is no ban on events and it is Club’s and Individual’s responsibility to keep up to date with current news when thinking of attending events.

NFAS Committee 11 Mar '20

Course #58

Coach Training Course #58, in Perivale (North-West London), on the 13th & 14th June.

Anyone interested in Coach Training should send me an application form.

Without a form I don't know you are waiting, and may not arrange a course near you.

John Pendleton, Coach Training Organiser 31 Jan '20

Club News

Westcombe - May - cancelled

We are sorry to announce that in alignment with government advice and to safeguard our members and visitors we are:

  • cancelling the WFA May shoot
  • suspending training courses until further notice.
  • suspending visitor shooting until further notice.

Calendar space and health situation permitting we may put on another event later in the year.

Andy Porter 23 Mar '20

Muttley Crew - 10th May - cancelled

Muttley Crew archers open shot  on the 10th May is regrettably cancelled, . We hope that all the society's clubs that have cancelled, help to slow the virus progression down a bit. All the bookings that I have, will be kept and added to whenever our next shoot can safely be conducted. All at Muttley Crew send our thoughts and best wishes to all our society members.

Geoff Weldon 20 Mar '20

Windrush - bookings suspended

Due to the current situation, I will not be taking any bookings at present for Windrush Bowmen Open in August. Hopefully things will be back to normal by then! I will keep you informed when we have a better idea of the situation.

Hilary Devaney 20 Mar '20

Foxhill Bowmen - 12th April - cancelled

We regret to announce that following the Government's advice we have made the decision to cancel our shoot along with all the other clubs. Thank you all that have booked in I will be in touch shortly and we hope to see you at our new woodland in the hopefully not too distant future. Take care and stay safe.

Helen, Richard and all at Foxhill 19 Mar '20

Duvelle - 26th Apr - cancellation

We along with most other clubs are following Government advice and have cancelled Duvelle's shoot on 26th April.

We have been building a new course which is almost complete and we hope you will all join us on October 18th when hopefully our world will have returned to normal life.
Stay safe and well.

Lewis Chuck 18 Mar '20

Hollywood Open -19th Apr - cancelled

It is with regret that we have decided to cancel our Hollywood Open shoot on the 19th April in line with government advice. We hope to see you at another shoot soon but until then take care - the Hollywood team. Our next shoot confirmed is for the 11th April 2021.

Sarah Sheppard 18 Mar '20

Ashcombe Valley - 5th April - cancelled

Ashcombe Valley Archers are very sorry to announce that we have had to make the decision to cancel our shoot on 5th April 2020. 

We unfortunately have had a few things working against us, including the risk of the covid-19 virus and given our location we do not feel we can offer suitable hand washing facilities, offer food etc.
We appreciate all the support we get from club members and those attending the shoot, and we look forward to seeing you all in October.
If you have already booked into the shoot, one of the AVA committee will be in contact shortly to offer you a refund or to transfer your booking to our October shoot.

Laura Wall 18 Mar '20

Umberleigh - April shoot postponed

It is with regret that we have to postpone our April Shoot. We hope that we will be able to host the one organised for July. We hope you will all keep safe and hopefully we will see you soon.

Alan & Audrey Hearson 18 Mar '20

Rednextravaganza - cancelled

It is with deepest regret and sincerest apologies that we at Team Rednex have decided to cancel the shoot for 2020.

We were hoping to go ahead, but with the most recent announcement from the government; the travel guidelines, wellness considerations and the three months of isolation they are recommending, we feel we have no option.

We hope you understand. So, for this year at our regular date, NO REDNEXTRAVAGANZA. Should we find a way to go ahead at another time we will of course let you guys know.

We’ll miss you, and please stay safe. With our very best wishes.

Team Rednex 18 Mar '20

SVYF - 19th April - cancelled

We are very sorry to announce that our open shoot has been cancelled. With over 150 archers pre-booked we know there will be a lot of disappointed people but given the seriousness of the current situation, we have no other option. Everyone’s safety and health is our upmost priority. Everyone stay safe and well and we’ll see you at our next open shoot in October. 

SVYF 17 Mar '20

North Lakes Field Archers

It is with deep regret that we have to inform you that our shoot on April 5th is cancelled.

We hope that you all stay well until we see you again.

Phil Nelson 18 Mar '20

Cheshire Oak shoot contact

Cheshire Oak’s shoot contact (Richard Beal) now has a new contact number: 07825 106434. 

Cheshire Oak 10 Feb '20

Toad Hollow Archers August Bank Holiday Weekend

Like all responsible clubs we at Toad Hollow are following the rules and guidelines laid down by our Government experts and advisors. Our Toad Hollow 2020 headline 2 day shoot isn't until August Bank Holiday weekend, but as we all know in this current pandemic it is a very fluid situation with the restrictions and safety advice being modified daily, as the advice given to our club changes, we will adapt and modify our position to follow those rules

Here is hoping that by the time August comes around we all will have come through this virus and all will return however slowly to normal.

The fact is that no one knows what will happen over the next months and maybe years, so the decision being made is that we will keep entries open for our August Bank Holiday Shoot, but not accept any more payments, the booking will just hold your place in the hope that the virus is well under control by then.

For those archers who have already booked and paid early to secure their place at our Toad Hollow August Shoot, you have a choice:

  1. Just leave your entry and payment as it is (you can change your mind at any time) should the shoot not go ahead we will refund all entry fees and reserve you a place in our next open shoot, whenever that may be
  2. Cancel your entry and have your entry fee refunded
  3. Leave your entry in place hopeful that if these restrictions are lifted you will still have your place reserved, but have your entry fee refunded now

All of Toad Hollows' members wish you all a safe journey through what are going to be worrying coming weeks and months, stay as safe as you can, we want to see you again when we can.

Contact The Toads via

Ian Boulton, Toad Hollow Archers 17 Mar '20


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