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NFAS Committee 25 Jan '23

Archery in Afghanistan

Archery in Afghanistan - A Scientific Exploration Society talk by Jonathan Rider

Date: Tuesday 31st January 2023

Venue: Albert Room, Coopers Arms, 87 Flood Street, Chelsea, London SW3 5TB

Jonathan travelled to Nuristan in North-Eastern Afghanistan to document the region's unique cultural heritage and to take part in an annual archery tournament. Nuristan is a remote and inaccessible province. For the last 40 years, it has been more or less 'off limits' due to intense conflict and insecurity. Nuristan was the last part of Afghanistan to be (very forcibly) converted to Islam in 1896, at which point it was known as Kafiristan - the land of the unbelievers. Made famous in the West by Kipling’s The Man Who Would Be King, it retains a rich and unique cultural identity and remains comparatively isolated from the rest of Afghanistan through poor road connections and unforgiving geography. Since the Taliban have taken control of the country, access to this region has been made possible due to improved security.

In his talk, Jonathan will share a lively account of travelling and working in Nuristan under Taliban control, providing a more nuanced account of the country than many news and media outlets allow.

NFAS Committee 9 Jan '23

Phishing/Scam email regarding VIP membership

Further to the phishing/scam emails being received by members, we don't believe the membership database has been breached, as a number of recipient email addresses are not stored in the membership database. As far as we can tell, it is only email addresses that have been accessed and the breach could have come from a number of sources, and is currently impossible to track down. The NFAS will never ask for money through links in emails. Importantly no payment/bank details are at risk as these are processed by WorldPay - the NFAS has never stored or processed online payments. Just like phishing/scam emails from banks, or links in 'Messenger' or 'WhatsApp', please do not click on anything and ignore and delete.

NFAS Committee 1 Jan '22

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We have 12 different shooting styles covering all different bow types. Metal or wooden arrows? Sights or no sights? Longbow, flatbow, recurve, compound or crossbow... the choice is yours.

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